Mycelium: an improvisor’s amnesia

Mycelium – rethinking jazz


Sonic Embodiment describes the perception of sound and music in an integral way that connects physical experiences of the body with the perception of our senses. In his article “The Musical Experience through the Lens of Embodiment“ in Leonardo Music Journal, Greg Corness calls this a “mind-body dualism“ (page 21).
Sound and music are parts of the experience, creating emotions and letting us resonate with the room and other individuals (both performer and members of the audience). 
Instead of focussing on aesthetics or genre, we can try experiencing sound and music in a way children perceive the sounds around them. Unfortunately, our knowledge of musical language can sometimes hinder us from making this experience because of anticipation, aesthetically taste and predisposition.
Nick Dunston and Lea Bertucci experiment by creating improvised music using acoustic instruments and tape recorders, interacting spontaneously with pre-recorded material and improvised sounds, allowing themselves and the audience to be surprised and forget their expectations of what might happen next. 
This way the performers and the audience will experience and theoretically deal with Sonic Embodiment throughout this performance.
This performance will be given in the English language.
Cansu Tanrikulu - voice
Eldar Tsalikov - clarinet
Liz Kosack - synthesizer 
Nick Dunston - bass, banjo, electronics, compositions
Lea Bertucci - electronics, saxophone
Adam Linson - scientific statement
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Einlass: 19:00 Uhr | Beginn: 20:00 Uhr

Dieses Konzert findet als Hybrid-Veranstaltung mit Publikum vor Ort und im Livestream statt.

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