Streamingkonzert: Dominic Harrison - The Collective Abroad

Playing a unique blend of Jazz infused with EDM and Indie, The Collective Abroad is bringing a unique sound to the table. Starting as a collaborative project in 2019 between conservatories all over Europe, a band featuring 7 promising students was formed. A special connection was soon found; one that wouldn't break even after traveling back a thousand kilometers to each one's corner of Europe. It didn't take long before the band was back together to record the first album: L!VE at Huset, which will be available in summer 2020. Having played several concerts and festivals internationally, such as Germany (Elbjazz), Netherlands (Swinging Groningen), and Denmark, they are on the hunt for new music and experiences. The band is looking to tour all of Europe, and beyond.


Tadas Pasaravičius (LT/DK) - Tenor Saxophone
Denis Pavlenko (RUS/NE) - Alto Saxophone
Jaap De Vries (NE) - Trumpet
Juan Tamarit (ES) - Piano
Casper Hejlesen (DK) - Guitar
Jan Sedlak (CZ/DK) - Doublebass
Dominic Harrison (DE) - Drums

Einlass: 20:25 Uhr | Beginn: 20:25 Uhr

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