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Erik Konertz The trombonist Erik Konertz is a musical border crosser. Inspired by trombonists like Albert Mangelsdorff and Nils Wogram, he explores the playing and tonal possibilities of the instrument at every opportunity. As a soloist in various big bands, including the Bundesjugendjazzorchester, performing as a solo trombonist is a particular interest of Konertz. This music is influenced by blues, (free) jazz, new music and characterized by improvisation, without losing sight of tradition.

Björn Atle Anfinsen Trio Björn Atle Anfinsen Trio is a group that focuses on electro-acoustic music based on groove and improvisation. The music contains influences from different styles, such as nordic jazz, rock, folk and more. With heavy drums, atmospherical guitar and soundscaping trumpet, the trio will invite you on a journey through exploration of time and space.


Erik Konertz - solo trombone

Björn Atle Anfinsen - trumpet
Paul Linardatos - guitar
Jan Zeimetz - drums

Einlass: 20:25 Uhr | Beginn: 20:25 Uhr

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