Streamingkonzert: Filip Dinev Trio

The Hamburg Stage Ensemble consists of young, highly qualified instrumentalists who share an artistic vision of not merely playing, but also communicating instrumental music. Their primary objective is to focus on the joy of playing together. An intentionally small ensemble, and intentionally without a conductor, the audience is given the opportunity to more intimately experience the performance. Both the selection of the programme and the diversity of the musicians could not be greater. All players come from different countries but have completed studies in Germany. Each member of the ensemble brings their own cultural experiences to each project. The synthesis of individuality and adaptation thus leads to an incomparable sound experience.


Arsen Zorayan - solo violin, lead
Sarah Wewer - violin
Annabelle Dugast - violin
Narine Zakharyan - viola
Belén Sánchez Pérez - cello
Pay Bandik Nonn - double bass

Open Door: 8:25 PM | Begin: 8:25 PM

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